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Empowering users with design patterns

What to expect from the session on the Data Permissions Catalogue.

Decisions about how governments and companies collect, store and share data are not done by a single individual. Those decisions are made as a team. And teams often copy design patterns from services they know – one of many reasons long, unwieldy terms of service are one of the main design patterns used to get consent.

IF created the Data Patterns Catalogue as a tool for teams building digital services, to help them make better, more ethical decisions about a range of data sharing activities. The catalogue gives teams a practical way to improve efficiency, consistency and usability of the services they are building, ultimately raising industry-wide standards of permissions and consent.

In this session, the IF team will use a variety of scenarios to demonstrate how to use the catalogue in product design. The team will get participants using patterns from the catalogue to think about how to design services that put people in control of data.

Who should join?

This session is for digital product teams and beyond. From software developers, product managers, digital designers & UX’ers to specialists concerned with data security, IT managers & CIOs.

Join by yourself or bring the team a long for this experience with hands-on design tools to drive responsible data sharing.

Our hosts and guides for this session.

TEAM Projects by IF

IF is a technology studio, specialising in ethical and practical uses of data and AI. We’re working towards a better, more ethical information society. We’ve defined and led this emerging space since 2015.

The team has unrivalled expertise in showing organisations how to collect, store and treat data so they are both ethically sound and commercially successful. Based in London, our multidisciplinary and internationally respected team includes technologists, infosec researchers, designers and strategists.

TEAM Projects by IF