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Smart cities, digital governance & sustainable impact tech


25 – 26 November 2019, Copenhagen

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2 Days where business frontrunners, public leaders, policy-makers, dedicated researchers, developers and designers meet to insert social responsibility and digital ethics into the technologies shaping our worlds.

Making responsible technology our business.

Latest updates to the programme.

Catelijne Muller will keynote & give a Masterclass on Responsible AI Leadership.

Catelijne Muller will keynote & give a Masterclass on Responsible AI Leadership.

We consider this a scoop and a prominent addition to the TECHCARE line-up. Not…

christian 18. september 2019
Trine Falbe showcases the ethical scorecard for digital services.

Trine Falbe showcases the ethical scorecard for digital services.

We’re happy to include Trine Falbe, digital designer & UX’er, and author of The…

christian 18. september 2019
Adam Greenfield joins the Line-up

Adam Greenfield joins the Line-up

We’re excited to bring Adam Greenfield to keynote TECHCARE in Copenhagen. Amongst his many…

jankrogh 12. september 2019


An intense learning experience focusing on building awareness and interacting with hands-on toolkits. Come to Campus Day for the:

  • Short lectures giving you an updated overview of key issues.

  • Masterclasses on responsible tech leadership and product development.

  • Demo-sessions on design toolkits promoting data-ethics and algorithmic fairness.

  • Hosted meetups discussing the cultural and institutional challenges to responsible tech.


A chance to engage with the thought leaders and decision-makers shaping the path for responsible tech. Come to Conference Day for the:

  • Keynotes & talks from the leading voices and change-makers driving responsible tech.

  • On-stage conversations and interviews to engage and set off sparks.

  • Deep dive sessions to uncover the dilemmas, difficult decisions and potential answers we need to confront.

  • Interactive breaks & chances to connect with colleagues and partners.



Campus Day - 25th November

The first day of TECHCARE is Campus day.




Delivered by

9.15 - 9.30 Welcoming session TECHCARE Team
9.30 - 10.15 Morning lecture 45 min What everybody needs to know about responsible tech TBA
10.30 - 11.00 Morning Lecture 30 min Moving beyond ethical principles Integrating ethics into tech products Cansu Canca Ph.d. AI Ethics Lab
11.10 - 11.40 Morning Discussion 30 min In demand: New competences, skills & roles Trine Falbe, Peter Bihr and more to come
12:00 TECHCARE campus lunch
13:00 - 13:20 Recap session Highlights from the morning sessions TECHCARE Team
13.30 - 14.45 #1 Afternoon masterclass 75 min Integrating Ethical Analysis into Product Development Product cycle roundtable workshop. More info Cansu Canca Ph.d. AI Ethics Lab
#2 Afternoon demo-session 75 min Empowering users with design patterns Toolkit Demo: The Data Permissions Catalogue
More info
Projects by if (Specific presenters TBA)
15.00 - 16.15 #3 Afternoon tutorial 75 min Looking for responsible performance indicators? Applying the ethical scorecard Trine Falbe Ethical Design & UX
#4 Afternoon masterclass 75 min Responsible AI leadership Building critical awareness & strategic capacity Catelijne Muller ALLAI & EU Commission
16.30 - 17.30 Late afternoon showcase Securing consumer trust in the age of connected products? Exploring the Trustable Technology Mark Peter Bihr ThingsCon / Mozilla
16.30 - 17.15 Late afternoon meetup Diversity in tech: How we cultivate change!? Host: TBA
Late afternoon meetup TBA Host: TBA
17.30 - 18.30 Live book club Markus Svendsen, Trine Falbe and more Host: TBA


Conference day - 26th November

The second day of TECHCARE is Conference day.




Delivered by

9.30 Welcome! Opening Statements & the call to TECHCARE
9.45 Keynote: Leaving The Twenty-First Century: Excursions After Late Capitalism Adam Greenfield Writer & Urbanist
10.30 Deep dive session Impact tech for a better world In the aftermath of numerous scandals and a widespread “techlash” against the big tech actors it is worth emphasizing that technology can still be a powerful driver of societal progress.

Impact tech is the term currently used to direct our attention to a fertile movement of entrepreneurs who intentionally use technology to benefit people and the planet. Not as a kind of corporate communications, but more deeply, by committing to and measuring impact as it relates to the 17 sustainability goals set by the United Nations. 

Join this session to learn more about the growing Impact tech movement in collaboration with leading researchers, entrepreneurs and investors. We will dive into the challenges facing this sector, from funding to building the capacity for impact tech leadership. 
Deep dive session Smart city - or smarter citizens? The key question for the smart city is whether it’s top-down or bottom-up. Is the city smart because it’s easier to manage flows, activities and behaviors – or is it smart because it enables citizens to achieve what they want from living in the city? Is it the city that’s smart, or is it citizens who become smarter and empowered?

Life in the city is not just about convenience and functionality. It’s about beauty, atmosphere, character, and feeling at ease and at home. Even the smart city should make room for the irrational aspects of life. But this does not happen automatically. It takes a deliberate strategy and conscious prioritization.

In this session we will discuss the qualities that a human centered smart city should support, and the choices that make a difference.
11.50 Keynote: AI: Human in command EU in transition: The Value of AI Ethical Principles Catelijne Muller EU Commission
12.15 "Privacy lunch" + network activities
13.15 Main stage interviews Meet the Frontrunners Tech leaders take a stand on responsible tech TBA
13.45 Featured speaker: Title (arriving soon) Anthony Townsend Bits & Atoms
14.20 Deep dive session Dilemmas of digital governance Citizens expect digital services to be efficient, fast and personalized – and governments are under pressure to deliver better service at lower costs. Collecting and combining data on all aspects of citizens’ lives, and applying AI and machine learning to identify patterns, predict problems and automate processing is clearly useful.

However, it carries risks and possible unwanted side effects: Alienating citizens, losing their trust and imposing bias and discrimination - perhaps without the public agencies even realizing the problem or understanding what happened.

In this session, three internationally leading experts on e-governance will discuss their experiences and approaches to strike a balance between ambitious and smart use of technology, and maintaining fairness, transparency, accountability and the human touch in public digital services.   
Deep dive session Developing new competences & roles As technological change accelerates, we need a similar development in the competences that support and maintain systems to ensure that they are based on accountability and trust. 

This session highlights the new competences that have come into demand. From understanding the nature of ethical dilemmas to applying methods like scenario planning and value analysis in relation to the tech solutions we are building. From designing minimal viable products to working on minimal virtuous products.
We also take a look at new organizational roles such as “ai ethicist” or “responsible tech officer”, which are being developed in forward thinking organizations.
15.40 Keynote: Building Better Worlds It’s easy to succumb to fatalism, to feel powerless in the face of a world tipping off its axis. But this is no time for mourning. Designers and technologists will play an essential role in refactoring our outdated institutions and in prototyping positive visions of the future. In the process, we’ll have to reimagine design itself. User-centricity has blinded us to harms befalling society and planet alike, but speculative and futures-leaning approaches can lend us critical, inclusive perspectives on the world’s biggest challenges.

Cennydd Bowles, author of Future Ethics, will describe new responsibilities for design in a world on the brink: embracing the moral duties interwoven into making, becoming planetary custodians, not ransackers, and giving the many, not just the few, a stake in the future. We must not only depict brighter times ahead, but also navigate the hazardous roads that lead us there. Better worlds are possible, if we wish them.
Cennydd Bowles Ethical Digital Design
16.00 Wrap up & TECHCARE!
16.00 - 17.00 Drinks, snacks & AI art


If you want to get down to business, acquire in-depth knowledge of the field, engage with the most progressive solutions and the people building them.

  • Come because you and your organisation seek new ideas, tested tools and applied frameworks to push you forward.
  • Join us to learn where you can proactively improve your company’s approach and build trust.
  • Attend to discover new business opportunities and connect with potential collaborators.
  • Be there to display your support for a flourishing and vital global agenda.

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Speakers & Line-up

More being announced every week

Adam Greenfield

Writer & Urbanist.

Adam is a London-based writer & urbanist. His latest book Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life positioned him as a leading thinker on the interaction between networked information technology and modern society

Adam Greenfield

Catelijne Muller

EU Commission & ALLAI

Catelijne is member of the High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission. Earlier this year this work produced the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.

Catelijne Muller

Cansu Canca

Director, AI Ethics Lab.

Cansu is a philosopher and the founder/director of the AI Ethics Lab, where she leads teams of computer scientists, philosophers, and legal scholars to provide ethics analysis and guidance to researchers and practitioners.

Cansu Canca

Peter Bihr

ThingsCon, Mozilla & The Trustable Technology Mark

Peter is a Mozilla Fellow, manages a boutique strategy consultancy, and Postscapes named him a Top 20 Influencer in IoT (2019). Amongst his current creations is The Trustable technology Mark.

Peter Bihr

Cennydd Bowles

Digital designer, futurist & author

Cennydd Bowles is a London-based designer and futurist with fifteen years of experience advising clients including Twitter, Ford, Cisco, and the BBC.

Cennydd Bowles

Trine Falbe

Independent researcher, consultant and author of The Ethical Design Handbook

Trine Falbe is a researcher, consultant, speaker and lecturer who works in the intersection between UX, business and ethical design.

Trine Falbe

Peter Hesseldahl

Editor Mandag Morgen

Journalist and editor for digital transformation at the Danish think tank and business magazine Mandag Morgen. Previously Peter worked as in-house futurist at LEGO and Danfoss, consulting and managing research projects.

Peter Hesseldahl

Lisbeth Knudsen

Editor in Chief, Mandag Morgen & Altinget

Lisbeth Knudsen

Henrik Chulu

Independent researcher, writer, speaker, and trainer on digital literacy and safety.

Henrik Chulu

Projects by if

IF is a technology studio, specialising in ethical and practical uses of data and AI. The team has unrivalled expertise in showing organisations how to collect, store and treat data so they are both ethically sound and commercially successful.

Projects by if

Anthony Townsend

Thought leader & strategic advisor on Smart Cities.

Anthony is the founder of Bits and Atoms, a smart cities strategy consultancy and planning studio that works with industry, government and philanthropy on strategic technology forecasting.

Anthony Townsend

Kim Escherich

AI-Ethical Ombudsman, IBM

In a newly designed role Kim is tasked with raising awareness around responsibility and ethical issues within the organisation.

Kim Escherich

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